Affordable Video Transcription Services 2022

Affordable Video Transcription Services 2022


Video transcription means a process to take a video’s audio and transcribe it into a text transcript. Video transcription can take up to a number of media formats, including online streaming videos, TV shows, video clips, webinars, e Learning materials and films.

Video transcription services has gained much importance because a very large amount of video content is being presented to the potential viewers on the internet. It becomes very important that your video content must be user friendly, comprehensive and more accessible. For the success of your content marketing strategy, it is equally important that your video content must be accompanied by a high quality transcription of the audio. Video transcription can help you in a number of ways as :

video transcription services

Improves content accessibility

 Benefits non-native speakers

Boosts your search engine optimization

Opens opportunities for creating derivative content from transcripts

Video transcription requires less data from internet


Cost of Video Transcription Services



The cost of different transcription services is different. The important elements to consider while requesting transcription rates include accuracy of the transcript, timeline of transcription and delivery method. AI transcriptions per hour are lower than human transcription but the difference lies in accuracy.

Human transcribed files are more accurate than any other transcription. Transcription services providers deliver video content after transcription in different file types like articles, info graphics or editable text. They may charge extra for delivery in different file types. Most often you pay $1.50 per audio minute for video transcription services. Some transcriptions can charge an hourly rate of $15-$30. 

Video Transcription Services at Merkavoix



Our team of world class professional transcriptionists are available all the time to accurately convert your videos to text. Machine transcription is gaining much attention however, machine transcription can’t always capture dialogue between multiple speakers and can’t get different language accents. Our transcribers can transcribe it all. We are commuted to provide excellent customer service, quality transcription and on-time delivery to keep our clients happy. 


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