Affordable Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services 24/7

Affordable Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services 24/7


Real estate virtual assistant services help businesses in different areas by lifting a massive amount of workload involved in running a business. You can hire VA’s for various tasks, like managing your social media, handling your accounting, answering emails, and many more. Real estate professionals are busy all day long with different tasks including closing deals and chasing down leads.

For the relief of real estate agents, hiring the real estate virtual assistant services can be a huge help for their administrative and marketing tasks. These virtual assistants can offer a variety of services. They can find property details, can do data entry and management, manage cold calling and generate leads

real estate virtual assistant servicesReal Estate Virtual Assistant Tasks


A list of tasks you can assign to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to grow your business is:

Administrative Tasks 



Administrative tasks can be outsourced to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA). A list of these tasks includes: Email Management  Sorting emails, responding to questions from prospects, and sending follow-ups.

Research To check a property for its location, its value, amenities and establishments surrounding it and Data Entry by proofreading data and entering into your spreadsheet like entering or updating client information email address, phone number, mailing address etc. Calendar Management  by setting up meetings and reminding you about the scheduled appointments and upcoming events.

Cold Calling 



Cold calling is a traditional and an effective marketing strategy  for outsourcing to Virtual Assistants And will free up a lot of your time.

Managing Social Media Presence



Your real estate virtual assistant (REVA) can do much for you by producing Online Marketing Campaign by creating graphics and posting them on your business pages. Managing Business Page with compelling content, responding to audience’s questions and comments, and sending invitations to like your page You can utilize Virtual Assistants for writing articles for your blog. 

Lead Follow Up



To follow up with leads consistently until an order is taken out is really important and this is achieved by having a real estate virtual assistant..

Scheduling Appointments & Calendar Management



Having a Virtual Assistant for scheduling appointments and managing your calendar is a great help and saves your time for core issues.

Managing Your Listings



Virtual Assistant can manage your listing presentations like property status is updated, listing price is accurate and property details are precise.

Skills for a Real Estate Virtual Assistant


Qualities and skills required to be a real estate virtual assistant are:


Communication skills


Attention to detail


Knowledge of real estate industry


Willingness to learn 


Ability to take initiatives


 Cost of hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant



Hourly rates for real estate virtual assistants is generally between $30 and $70. If you compare this with a full time employee cost including their wage and additional costs like your time used to train an employee, costs to advertise and acquire them, non-productive time costs on behalf of the employee and other costs when they leave, etc. Using $45/hour as virtual assistant cost and $40,000 as average employee costs as examples, how much time we can get from a VA? Is mentioned here: 

$40,000 / $45 = 889 Hrs

889 Hrs / 52 weeks = 17 Hrs / week

From here, it becomes clear that you can get everything you want done in the time you are purchasing, if you believe you will have the control and quality you desire.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services at Merkavoix



Our trained and experienced real estate virtual assistants (REVA) help you grow your real estate business by putting all your leads and contacts in one simple system. Our VA’s help you manage all your follow ups as well as your incoming leads, texts and even phone calls so you can set more appointments.

All of our cold calling VA’s have call center experience and all the required qualities well suited for this task. Our dedicated team of world class Real Estate Virtual Assistants are game-changers for growing your business at an affordable cost and aso cause an improvement in the efficiency of your daily operations.


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