Affordable 24/7 Outbound Call Center Services

Affordable 24/7 Outbound Call Center Services


Call centers provide services in the management of phone lines. Basically they collect information from incoming callers, jot down their messages and quickly respond to frequently asked questions. Customer support is the primary responsibility of call center services. Outbound services offered by call centers are meant for supporting marketing campaigns and to generate new leads. Outbound services are a great way to promote the products or services of your business. 

What are outbound call center services?


Outbound Call Center Services


Outbound call center services are performed when agents call customers or suppliers or someone else on behalf of your business. These services may include lead generation, cold calling, marketing campaigns, conducting polls and surveys. Their services are meant for making new clients, increasing your customer satisfaction and making your business successful.

Outsourced Outbound Call Center



In outbound call center services, call center representatives or agents make outbound calls to customers trying to reach the client through inbound calls, email, or chat. Therefore, outbound call services are offered to customers on behalf of a business or a client. Outbound calls are different from cold calling or telemarketing calls as these calls are made to customers enquiring about a service or those that had been asked earlier for a callback.

An effective outbound sales strategy, handled by a great outsourced outbound call center can help you meet these challenges.The best outbound call center outsourcing companies develop a well-established process identifying target prospects for existing customers and make calls to them on behalf of your business with the aim to    

scale up your sales

test current market conditions

build better customer relationships,

follow-up with your customers

and much more.

What are the types of outbound calls?


Outbound call centers mostly focus on sales. Their calls fall into one of two categories. I-e cold calls and warm calls

1) Cold Calls



Cold calls are those calls that are made to potential customers who are not expecting the contact. This may create feelings of frustration and distrust on the part of the potential customer, that makes it harder to close the sale. The cold call outbound call centers staff members need a thick skin, as they may face expressions of disapproval from persons disapproving the calls. Teams that can get it through have chances of some sales to be made.

2) Warm Calls



Warm calls are different from cold calls, and are the result of some previous interaction with the lead. This may be about a referral, or about an interaction at a meetup, or in a previous call. These calls are usually better received, and as a result, have better conversion rates as the lead is expecting the call.

Types of Outbound Calls

Outbound agents make calls for a variety of reasons to the customers or leads on behalf of the company that may include:  Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Telemarketing, Telesales and Market Research

Outbound Call Center Services

Outsourcing the outbound contact center services for your business will help you in increasing your sales, following-up your mails, researching for unknown markets, developing good customer relationships and cold calling to make your business successful. Some of their key services include :

Lead Generation Services



Every organization requires good leads. Outsourcing lead generation services of an outbound call center can help your organization obtain good leads. It is a good choice in order to convert prospective customers into long term customers. This would generate revenue and profits for your organization.

Appointment Setting Services



In a highly competitive market, achieving business growth is not a simple task. Professional appointment setting services are intact a very effective tool for companies to gain greater market share and business growth.

Market Intelligence Services



Market Intelligence is about providing a company with existing sources of information to understand what is happening in a market place, about the market issues and market potentials, Having relevant and useful business intelligence of your customers, partners, and operations, your company can take better decisions and increase competitive advantage.

Surveys and Feedback



Businesses usually have an interest in how their customers are doing. Are they satisfied with their products and services? Are their customer service expectations being met? Having a survey and feedback platform keeps track of how your business is handling customer expectations for your products and services.

Customer Retention



Gaining new customers is important in businesses. However, retaining the existing customers is even more critical to your company’s reputation. Practical and purposeful outbound call center services are required to accomplish keeping. Outsourcing customer retention services from a reputed outbound call center that make customer retention efforts with built-in technologies and tools will improve customer satisfaction.

What makes inbound and outbound calls important in the field of business and industry?



Both the inbound calls and outbound calls have their own value and importance for a particular business. Outbound calls are important as they help you bring in new clients. Services like outbound telemarketing and lead generation are a great way to promote products and services. On the other hand, inbound calls are ideal for handling customers’ queries and concerns. A failure to manage these calls effectively can have major backlash that may even destroy the reputation of a company.


Outbound Call Center Services at Merkavoix



The major goal of our outbound services for your business is lead generation that is accomplished by stimulating and capturing interest in a service or product in a way that will encourage the customer in entering the sales pipeline. Our outbound call center services with enthusiastic representatives at merkavoix increase business lead by employing their proficiency and help businesses to beat KPI’s.

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