Affordable 24/7 Live Chat Support Services

Affordable 24/7 Live Chat Support Services


The most crucial aspect of a successful business is its customer support. Resolving customer issues, making your customers happy, selling more and retaining your customers depends mainly upon the quality of customer support of your business. Live chat support services are a customer support channel that is becoming increasingly popular among most companies and brands. Live chat support is an engaging and efficient way to provide customer support.

Live chat support services are provided with the help of an online chat software that allows the customer service agents to contact customers directly on their website. Live chat support is also provided in the mobile or web app or messaging app designed for customer support. Live chat appears as a simple chat window on a website. It is powered by a customer service software that fulfills the customer service needs of modern companies. 

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Are live chat agents real human beings?



Live chat agents are real human beings serving the website’s live chat support. Infect businesses have to invest in well-trained live chat agents for greater customer satisfaction rate and business growth. However Chatbots are also a part of the live chat ecosystem. Modern day Ai-powered chatbots are so advanced that it is difficult to tell if you are talking to a bot or an agent.

An easy way to tell if you are talking to a  chatbot or a live agent is to check the way the responses come. If it is a chatbot then responses come instantly. If you are chatting to a human agent, messages will take a bit longer as the agent will be typing and the chat box will show you that the respondent is typing. Most customers prefer to chat with a human agent, therefore, knowing this the agents immediately identify themselves. They will tell you their name and assure you that you are chatting to a human agent.  

Benefits of live chat support services for businesses



Live chat support is less costly than Phone support as the chat allows agents to serve customers more quickly with pre-scripted responses. Agents work more efficiently and can handle contacts at once. Your expenses on phone and data networks are saved. The customers don’t have to wait for hours or weeks for an email response. A good live chat support allows you to track previous customer interactions. Being a fully digital channel, live chat support keeps visitors tracking on record and supports analytics.

By using live chat support you not only provide support you can also gather useful data to improve your business.For e-commerce or retail business live chat support is a must have customer support channel that speeds up the sales process by providing instant answers to customers’ prospect questions which can reduce shopping cart abandonment and increases the conversion rate to the landing pages and sign-up pages. That is why live chat support is the preferred choice of many customers and live chat support has the highest customer satisfaction level as compared to other support channels like email and phone calls. 

Live chat support customer support software



There are a number of support software available and many types of live chat requiring some key features that run on most popular platforms. A customer support software is designed to simplify support by offering a centralized efficient way to manage the support contacts. Depending upon the preferred platform a suitable software is selected to incorporate automated chats like chatbots, documentations, customer record, prescription responses to be used by agents and other relevant data. The incorporated features in live chat support software include Live Chat Software, Help Desk Apps, Knowledge Base Tools, Team Inbox Tools, Forums. 

Popular chat and help desk software options available today include Zendesk, Zoho, Freshdesk, UserVoice, Kayako, Hubspot, HappyFox, LiveAgent, Reamaze, Deskero, UserEcho, Desk and Intercom.  

24/7 live chat support services



24/7 support is provided when customers can get help and find answers to questions at any hour of the day or night as soon as they get in contact. Companies offer 24/7 support using chatbots, a knowledge base, live chat, or embedded messaging. Financial services or healthcare companies offer live support around the clock. 

Companies that offer Live Chat Support services



Every company needs live chat support to some extent. However major telecom enterprises with remarkable network functionalities require live chat support to solve technical issues in real-time. The SaaS sector demands a quality client service team to handle queries regarding on-demand software subscriptions. Other businesses like banking, e-commerce, and travel & logistics industries healthcare, education, consumer products also require live chat support as an essential business component.

Live Chat Customer Support Cost



Live Chat support comes with different pricing plans based on the features your business needs. Its Starter plan starts at $16 a month per agent that is billed annually. The starter plan has only limited features, like basic widget customization, and it doesn’t include reporting. Other chat plans like Team, Business and Enterprise cost $33 and $50 per agent respectively billed annually to offer a variety of features supporting different communication channels. 

Live Chat Support Services at Merkavoix



Our live chat contact centers consultants provide well trained, highly-skilled live chat agents, leverage leading-edge technology to provide exceptional customer service and help increase sales conversions.Our partners can support your customers across every channel, including voice, email, chat, social media and SMS, and have direct experience in the industries Video Game, Travel & Hospitality, Telecom & Cable, Retail & E commerce, Political, Mobile App, Insurance, Healthcare, Government, Fundraising & Non-Profit, Energy & Utility, Education, Catalog, Banking & Financial, Consumer Products And more!


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