iOS App Development Services

iOS App Development Services


The iOS app development process is used for making mobile applications for Apple hardware, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS is the leading platform for mobile app development. It is a preferred choice of business for having their apps on. The reason for the greater popularity of the iOS platform is its simplicity. iOS provides clarity throughout its structure both for its users and developers.  

ios app developmentThe Most Popular App Types



iOS app users download apps from the Apple App Store.The most popular App categories in June 2021 according to a study published by Statistic include Gaming Apps,Education, Lifestyle, Utilities, Entertainment, Food and Drink,Travel, Health and Fitness, Productivity, Shopping Apps, Finance, Book, and Social networking, Music, Sports, Photos and Videos, Medical, Reference and News.. 

iOS App Development Technologies



Swift is a general purpose programming language that is developed by Apple Inc. for Linux, iPadOS and macOS. This programming language works with other coding programs that work exclusively to develop iOS apps.Swift offers secure programming patterns and excellent features. This programming language makes the iOS mobile application development process run smoothly. Some of the examples of the applications developed using this language include LinkedIn, Lyft and Hipmunk. The software is written in the Swift programming language and is then displayed on the App Store for users to download. iOS app development requires writing less code and because of this, iOS apps coding projects complete faster as compared to the apps made for Android phones. 

iOS Apps Development Cost



The primary factors that affect the cost of developing an iOS app include number of features and complexity of features. A basic iOS app costs somewhere between $5k to 20k whereas a complex iOS app with high backend and greater user interface (UI) requirements can cost from $20k to $250k. A small app takes 1-2 months to complete and costs $5,000 to$10,000. A medium app takes 2-6 months to complete and costs $10,000-$50,000 whereas an enterprise app takes more than 6 months to complete and costs above $50k. Different skills for iOS app development have different hourly rates. There is also a direct relationship between the popularity of the iOS App category and its App development cost.

How much does app development costs in Pakistan



The location of your app development team and its structure also impacts the cost of your mobile app development project. The cost of an app varies from region to region, which means that if you create an app in the US, the cost of the app will be different to that of an app created in the UK. You can only see the difference in the hourly rate and get an idea why there is a huge difference in the cost of an app from region to region. In Pakistan iOS App Development hourly rate is between $15-75.

Apps made by Pakistan



Modern technology has also made the life of a Pakistani citizen  easier in many ways. Now Pakistanis can easily order food, shop for groceries, book a cab,  navigate the city, call online with the help of their smartphones. According to the data released by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), there are 150 million mobile phone users in Pakistan, out of which a major portion uses smartphones. Different types of government apps in Pakistan have been introduced recently in order to facilitate people in their daily life.     

A list of some of the best mobile applications run by the government of Pakistan to facilitate people in their everyday lives include:

Pakistan Citizen Portal 

Pharmapedia Pakistan

Motor Registration Checker

Device Verification System (DVS) – DIRBS Pakistan

Government Jobs Pakistan 2019

iOS App Development Service at Merkavoix



If you are looking for best iPhone app development services and want to build an application that would work equally well across all Apple devices then our expert iOS app developers will help you every step from solution design to delivery and ongoing maintenance.Our iOS app development team helps businesses across all major industries and niches. We help our client’s business to reach its best potential with the help of our best team and the standard development process set up by Merkavoix. We are passionate about working on your potential business ideas to develop, create and launch the best app for users. Choose the right technology we make the iOS app development process quicker and more cost-efficient. 


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