Affordable 24/7 Call Center Service Provider

Affordable 24/7 Call Center Service Provider


A call center service provider is a company or its centralized branch that provides telecommunication and other services. Different types of call centers work toward the same goal of providing better customer services for companies. Call center services are specialized in the management of phone calls. Including their incoming and outgoing phone calls, they also manage email and live web chat. Other advanced functions performed by call centers include order management, payment processing, support marketing campaigns and lead generation.

Call center service provider have become an essential element of business today. Call centers are the new way of engaging your customer base and making sure that your business is at the forefront of the competition. Call centers are not only for a small business, but for almost every business. Outsourced call centers offer a variety of benefits and advantages that make it important for your business to start using them without delay.

What are the three types of call centers?


Call Center Service Provider


Before opting for the call center service provider, you must be familiar with the different types of call centers and the services rendered by them. Three main types of call centers include inbound call centers, outbound call centers and automated call centers. Three types of call centers are commonly used by businesses for their product or services requiring an increased amount of customer services. The job responsibilities of these three types of call centers are discussed below.

What are the services provided by call centers?


Different types of call centers based upon the nature of functioning provided by them are given below.


Inbound Call Centers



These call centers are set up to receive calls from the general public. Responsibility of inbound call centers is to handle incoming calls related to order taking, appointment setting or customer service and tech support etc.  For example the customer service call centers receive calls from customers of a company and the customer service agents try to solve the queries and complaints about products or services provided by a company.

Outbound Call Centers



For providing outbound call center services, agents or call center representatives call customers or suppliers on behalf of your business for telemarketing. They call existing customers to inform them about the features of products or services. These call centers also make calls to customers to update about the status of their earlier complaints or to talk with customers about resolving their complaints regarding pending bills.

Automated Call Centers



Automated call centers provide electronically performed services including telephone calls, email, texting or software services. Many of the inbound and outbound call center services can be automated. Those activities that involve high volumes of calls or large amounts of agent time are automated to save money and improve customer service.The programming costs to automate these tasks are offset from the revenue generated by cost saving on staff time and increased revenue from sales.

You need to outsource your call center operations to a company that can handle the heavy workload and will provide you excellent customer service. If you are not sure which company to choose, you can’t go wrong with a professional call center offering.

Merkavoix Call Center Service Provider



Voice service of call center companies work to render value for businesses. Their services automate the client communication to facilitate customer communication. This allows the company the flexibility to consecrate resources for core firm-building activities. Our tech support team at merkavoix handles inbound calls from different organizations. They provide 24/7 services with a diversified crew scaled up in different shifts.Outbound call center services with enthusiastic representatives at merkavoix increase business lead by employing their proficiency and help businesses to beat KPI’s.


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