Affordable Audio Transcription Services 2022

Affordable Audio Transcription Services 2022


Audio transcription services undergo the process of conversion of recorded speech into text for specific purposes is referred to as Audio Transcription. Audio files are more popular and more easily used by people in offices, in public and in media. Whether your audio is from your business meeting, an interview, a seminar or academic lectures, using audio transcription services  has numerous benefits.

Because once your content is transcribed, it is much easier to share as compared to other media and also it saves your time. Therefore a high quality audio transcription service can offer you plenty of benefits that are impossible to ignore.

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Industries that use Audio Transcription Services



Industries that mostly use transcription services include higher education institutes and universities for transcribing their interviews, lectures, seminars, webinars and dissertation. Media industry uses transcription services to convert their audio or video interviews, podcast, video content and documentaries into text.

Marketing agencies also use transcription services to convert the audio files of their meetings and phone calls into text. Legal and law firm industries convert their hearings, arbitration, court transcripts, depositions and evidence into text. Medical field also frequently uses audio transcription service to convert the reports, medical history, research interviews, consultations and discharge summaries into text for professional and office use.

How Transcription is Achieved



Transcription services that deliver speech to text achieve this by using pre-recorded audio files. These transcripts are either typed by hand (human transcription services) or are produced by the use of automatic speech recognition (ASR) software. You may choose from a number of available transcription services according to your budget and transcript options. Although ASR delivers much cheaper service, quality is not always as good as for human transcription.

The accuracy rate of ASR software decreases even further in case of background noise, multiple speakers and poor quality audio. Security is another concern for people using transcription services specially for sensitive industries like legal and medical transcriptions. Therefore a high quality transcription service comes with security protocols to match strict security concerns. 

Cost of Audio Transcription Services



Different transcription services cost different amounts. The cost of transcription service depends on factors like transcription accuracy, delivery time, delivery method and other factors like clear communication and enhanced security.. Audio transcription bills are based on per audio minute or audio hour. Professional rates are between $1.5 and $3.0 per audio minute. Pricing structures based on per line, per typed page and per hour time of transcriptionist are also used

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