Best Android App Development Services 2022

Best Android App Development Services 2022


Android app development services create application designed for the users with a combination of certain features that are easily usable and can be downloaded for use from Google Play Store on their Android device. Android apps offer various services and features for its users. Nowadays android apps are available for everything in our life for example shopping, travel booking, learning and watching movies or shows.

android app development services

The Most Popular App Types





Native apps are those which are coded according to particular device’s software environment. For example Native Android apps, native apps make better use of device resources.




Hybrid apps are those which can run on any and all kind of devices including Android, iPhone and Windows phone etc.




HTML5 apps are browser based apps. These apps can also run on all devices. HTML5 is famous in gaming apps development.

Android App Development Technologies

Android Apps are mostly built with Java and Kotlin. Java being the most widely used programming language for android app development. Examples of the apps built using this language include Telegram and VLC media player.



 Python is another popular programming language for android app development services. C++ is used to create dynamic technology apps that can be used on multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Windows.The leading mobile application development frameworks include Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, NativeScript, Flego and Angular JS. These application development frameworks combine different programming languages to develop native apps for iOS, Android and Windows. 

Types of Android Apps We Make



The most important industries that we serve with our Android App Development solutions to help these organizations to digitally transform their businesses for online presence include Healthcare, Education, e-Commerce apps, Travel and Logistics, Banking and Finance Apps, Gaming industry and on-demand mobile apps. Each of these app categories have different costs.Our health care mobile apps, education apps, health and fitness apps, lifestyle apps, entertainment apps and gaming apps are working to compete with the ever growing market of android apps. We provide the best Android app development services with top features to meet on-demand needs for service seekers. Our unmatchable mobile app development solutions combine interactive and creative themes with excellent performance.

Android App Development Cost



Android app development services costs are lower and more economical as compared to Apple. An Android App development cost depends upon its requirement, category and features that it offers. The cost of your android app depends on the size of your app. Larger is the size of your app, more resources will go into building it and maintaining it. A small app with 5 key feature pages, static content, minimum features and time upto 400 hours can cost upto $4k to $10k.

A medium size android app with 7 key feature pages, static or dynamic content, login or signup pages and time upto 400 hours costs $10k to $50k and an enterprise app with 12-18 key feature pages costs above $50k. An android app development cost is also largely impacted by the kind of Android platform chosen like Native, Cross Platform or Progressive Web Apps. In short, choosing Android for your mobile app development is highly beneficial and you can get the most out of this platform. You must know different factors that affect your Android app development cost so that you are in control of the process. 

Android App Development Services at Merkavoix



We strive to provide the best quality and reliable android app development services continuously. Our aim is to transform businesses and re-define achievements of our clients. Our belief that our client’s success is our success, keeping this in mind we help our client’s business to reach its best potential with the help of our best team and the standard development process set up by Merkavoix. We are passionate about working on your potential business ideas to develop, create and launch the best app for users. By choosing our top Android app development service we assist you to make the right choices to benefit from all features of your Android app.



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